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Fake Holy Sword 3

Chapter 3 Shining Smile

「...Are you still not willing to give us Magali-sama?」
「N-no! We don't have such intention! We're looking for her properly, but somehow we can't find find her....」

Herge sees the village chief's desperate explanation and sneers.
Again, an obvious lie.

There's no way you can't find a single girl in this small village. Wherever you are, there are things like human eyes.

However, no one reporting it means they're trying to hide Magali in the village.

「You do understand right? Saint-sama is an important person for this country. Hiding her means antagonism act to the country... there will be no mercy you know.」

Looking at the frightened village chief, Herge reflects a little.
Making the people frightened instead protecting them, it's not a good thing for a knight.

Because he was entrusted with an important task that is to escort the saint, Magali, to the capital safely, it seems he's getting too worked up.

This mission, which is more important than his own life, where failure is not allowed, had to be successful no matter what.

However, if the person in question, Magali, can't be found, the premise is overturned.

「We don't have time to spare. Hurry up and find Magali-sama.」

With Herge's words, the villagers start searching in unison.

Even so, they couldn't find Magali.
It was when Herge's frustration further increased and he was about to yell again.

「Ooh, Magali, Alistar!!」

The village chief looks at one direction with his face shining.

Herge's face jumps up hearing Magali's name and looks at the same direction.


Unconsciously, admiration voice was leaked.
The woman named Magali was very beautiful.

Although she wears a hat made of cloth, but her wet glass-like beautiful purplish black hair has not lost its appeal.

The neatly good-looking grown-up look that would normally attract men, but somehow her face right now looks a bit sad, so it's attracted the hearts of men more.

「Are you... Magali-sama....」
「...I don't know if I'm a person to be called with such honorific, but, I'm Magali.」

Magali responds to Herge's words with a bitter smile.

Even her voice was beautiful, he sighed unconsciously, but... In his eyes, there was a man who held hands with her.

「You are.......」
「I'm... just a childhood friend.」

To Herge's question, the man... Alistar answered so with a smile.

「(Uhyahahaha!! You can't escape now, Magali!!)」
「(Noooooooo!! Let me gooooo! Let me goooooo!!)」

I was talking with Magali through eye contact.
Ahahahahaha! There's no way I will let you escape!

To break away from the daily life where I anxious about when will my true nature be exposed, and to continue the tranquility days, let Magali become a sacrifice.
I'll never let you escape...!

With such intention in mind, I held Magali's hand strongly.
I absolutely won't let you escape...!!

Magali desperately twists her hand to escape, but I strengthen the grip further.

「Magali, where did you go? We can't find you anywhere when we searching for you.......」
「It seems Magali heard the talk about the saint. Then, she couldn't come out because she can't bear the importance. By chance, I found her and tried to persuade her. 'If it's you, you can do your best for the country.'」「Is that so....」
「(.....!? ...!! ...!?)」

To uncle Wim who’s worried and came asking, because Magali can't talk, I'm the one who do the talking instead.
Was he convinced by my explanation, the uncle nodded.

I can feel Magali is flustered behind my back, but I don't mind it.

「Is that so. Thank you for bringing Saint-sama. Um....」
「I am Alistar.」
「Right, Alistar. Thank you.」

The knight called Herge bows down.
It sure is nice bowed by a person with a stand point above you. I'm filled with self-respect.

Well, I did a good thing, so I could have this this much.


Herge kneels and looks at Magari.
Because she has no intention to go forward, so I sneak to her back and push her.


I didn't know directed by eyes full of murderous intent was this pleasant....
With just the scene where Magali being cornered, it seems I can feast on many bowls of rice.

......No, there is no such reserve in this village though.

「Magali-sama... no, Saint-sama. I finally found the present Saint-sama. Please, for our country, I would like to have you fulfill the duty.」
「Eh, uh... that....」

A knight with a position that would never bow his head to a villager, kneeled and lowered his head.
It makes me want to laugh, but on other hand, Magali who receives it is dripping with cold sweat.

She's smiling, but I won't be deceived. She is really cornered.

「T-that... I am just a villager who has no knowledge or character. Such woman isn't suited to be a saint. I can’t fulfill such duty, also, I'm sure everyone won't accept it.」
(TL : In this line she talks with 'desuwa' ending.)

I was about to laugh and hold my stomach.

'Desuwa', my ass! What are you, a pseudo-noble? Pfft!

「No, please don't worry. Knowledge and character, you can just learn it from now on. Also, just because you are a Saint, it doesn't mean you need to do something special. You just need to sometimes walk around the city to encourage the people. Also, there's no way you won't be accepted. You are Saint-sama. There's no one in this country that won't accept Saint-sama.」

Even with Magali's best effort in resisting, Herge returned it without problem.

Too bad, Magali. It sure is depressing right....

「Also, there's no way someone unsuitable to be a saint will be selected. Even if there is such person, I can only say it is a fake. For the new saint, the fake will be dealt with....」

Magali has a spasm when watching Herge swaying his sword.

「But, I was convinced when I saw Magali-sama. You are a suitable person to be a saint. You have a good reputation from the village chief and villagers. I think you're exactly a person that God send to us to be a saint!」
「I-is that so....」

My, Magali, how enviable~.
You're valued that much by the first meeting.

Really, it’s enviable.
However, if she is not suitable to be a saint, execution, huh....

In other words, Magali can't do whatever she wants even if she goes to the capital, and she has to continue those suffocating feign innocent.

No, because her life is on the line, so it’s probably better not to let her guard down after go to the capital.
My, how enviable~.


Magali's face is distorted seemed a little troubled.
...But in fact, she must be suffering enough to make her want to writhe in agony.

I'm sure she's working her brain desperately inside her head.
If it's the clever Magali, she might think up something good, but....

「Perhaps, you're worried about this village? How kind.......]
「Eh, y-yes, that's right! There is no hesitation in devoting myself for the country and the people. I thought that I could finally give back the favor to the village. That's, I can't help it but there's still regret....」

Herge said something crazy.
Worried about the village? There's no way Magali would do that. She's the person who sneers together with me on the uphill you know?

However, if it's a spider thread that has come down from the heavens, she who clings to it, shows a wonderful fake-tears like a theater performer.

Damn it... I want to expose it...!

Not hesitating to devote yourself for the country and the people?
Liar, it's situation where you want to avoid it by all means.

Magali found a hope for a moment, but....

「Please don’t worry. The country will gives this village protection and assistance. Because here is the village where Saint-sama lived. That much is a matter of course.」
「Ah, I see.」

Too bad, Magali's hope was shattered.
Thus, it was decided that Magali will go to the capital.

My smile right now, is shining.


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